Medium Is The Message or Long Live The New Flesh — Matty Stanfield

Marshall McLuhan was a fascinating intellectual. He was also a scholar and philosopher who focused nearly all of his attention to the ways in which media does a great deal more than inform, sell or entertain. Almost 30 years before it was created, McLuhan predicted the concept of a “global village” or and electronic means […]

Medium Is The Message or Long Live The New Flesh — Matty Stanfield

What the Storm Blows In…by Jack Halberstam for BunkerBloggers — Bully Bloggers

That feeling when…every dystopian novel you have ever enjoyed, read and reread is suddenly happening in your own neighborhood! While my mind immediately turned to Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring, Neville Shute’s On the Beach, Camus’s The Plague, the book I was actually reading when I […]

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Straight Eye For the Queer Theorist – A Review of “Queer Theory Without Antinormativity” by Jack Halberstam

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Straw-man-argumentStuart Chase’s 1956 Guide to Straight Thinking is sometimes credited with the first use of the term “straw man.” He used the term to describe the rhetorical practice of basing a strong argument on the misrepresentation of another position. The straw man/person represents a figure without depth or dynamism that is easily knocked down. And so if one represents feminism in terms of a unified group of man-hating, chainsaw wielding, separatist lesbians, rather than as a wide array of positions held by many different groups with or without chainsaws, then it is relatively easy to persuade a neutral audience that feminism is dangerous. Straw men, or in this case straw womyn, stand in for the complexity of a flesh and blood opponent. The term draws upon the image of the scarecrow on the one hand and on fairground games on the other – the term “Aunt Sally,” for example, is…

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Empire Rot

to “exist” in america is, more or less, to “be” a biological battery. (sub/in)human stillbirths maintaining and fueling a global trade trafficking exclusively in the necro-colonial oppression, domination, exploitation, and extermination of all non-white “life”.

to be “located” within the calcified machinery of the border spires is to “be” a prisoner. to “live” captive by a murderous patriot subject.

to “become” non-corporeal ectoplasm is to find no escape from the worm-eaten necrotic tissue of a democratic corpse that never lived.

so, it is not surprising that an empire’s sociopathic dependence on hegemonic domination of global populations is being suffocated by a collective consciousness animating a sociopolitical realm of anti-terror paranoia.

the murderous patriot subject, haunted by past and present genocidal terrorism cannot dry itself of the african and first nation blood it’s responsible for spilling.

so, like macbeth, the citizenry is going mad. crying over threats that aren’t there; a hail of bullets rains down on us from the sky.